TIDY Northern Ireland


Bringing excitement and pride into being part of something big.

Encouraging the people of Northern Ireland to clean up their beautiful country.

Cleaning litter, in its many guises, from the streets of Northern Ireland costs the tax payer £34 million a year.

TIDY NI’s remit is to make a large saving on this figure, so investing in good design helps, in the long term, to save tax payers’ money.

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TIDY NI: Blue flag beaches

Creative solutions, from the biggest project to the smallest invite, helps lift the TIDY NI brand into a different sphere.

And our work hasn’t gone unnoticed either. This Northern Ireland charity has received greater awareness and sponsorship due to the effectiveness of our work.

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TIDY NI: award winning beaches and marinas

We have enjoyed working with TIDY NI to design this important communication tool over the past few years. Transforming it into a beautiful, useful, relevant folding reference map.

Constant searching for sponsorship and help from local organisations and photographers has lead to a product that shows that TIDY NI are a professional charity to be taken seriously.

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TIDY NI: interactive online game

Developed to help young people learn about the 3 Rs. This game educates them about the correct way to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Kids can compete to see who is top of the leader board each month.

TIDY NI’s funding is partly derived by the amount of traffic directed to rethinkwaste.com so it made sense that all the answers on how to correctly dispose of unwanted items are found through links to rethinkwaste.com


Play Sort it Out! →



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TIDY NI: consistent branding

Whether it be sail flags, invitations, web sites, letterheads, maps, cups, badges, posters or balloons – TIDY NI have benefitted from our expertise in creating a strongly recognised brand that has seen them go from strength to strength.


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If good design can engage people to become part of something positive then we’re doing something right.

This eco-warrior Jolly Roger design was developed to promote beach clean-ups in Northern Ireland. It proved so popular that young people were helping with beach cleans just to get the T-shirt! •


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