Darien Middle East


Darien Middle East is a specialist company in middle eastern, shariah-compliant and global finance.

The Ayres have branded Darien Middle East communications materials to give a professional and competitive presence in the financial sector marketplace.

Darien Middle East produce regular newsletters under the ‘Darien Analytics’ branding. The Ayres are able to turn around such newsletters in double-quick time enabling Darien Middle East to comment on fast moving stories and trends.


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A simple CMS (Content Managed System) site enables the client to keep their web presence up-to-date and to project a thoroughly professional image.

The Darien Middle East branding is based upon patterns taken from bank notes in the middle east region. A set of colourways and typefaces further reflects the financial theme and creates a consistent look-and-feel across all communications.


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Darien Middle East produce yearly bank reports that are data heavy and need to be clear and accessible.

Our efficient design and print offer enables such reports to be produced to very tight schedules.

Sometimes it is beneficial for the client to have only a handful of reports for specific meetings and by producing reports digitally we can do this cost effectively.

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Design within the financial sector is often dry and uninspiring.

Darien Middle East has found that their imaginative clear graphics are well-recieved within the financial sector, giving them a distinct advantage as they present as forward thinking and creative consultants.



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The Ayres’ creative illustration background and experience of info-graphics enables us to interpret messages for Darien Middle East in new and interesting ways.

This gives a distinct lift to what may otherwise be dry and uninspiring financial data.

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Darien Middle East now have a range of creative communication materials at their disposal.

As well as the website we have produced stationery, newsletters and reports and a range of presentations in either PDF or PowerPoint formats. The latter help professionally project Darien Middle East when they are speaking at conferences and presentations. •


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