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tidy northern ireland report

We have well over a decade of experience working in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development for clients such as Unilever, Shell, ICI, WBSCD, Mars, BAE Systems, the UK Government and the Cambridge Programme for Industry.

We have recently designed a CR report for the environmental charity TIDY Northern Ireland. The report outlines their activities and services, its aim is to educate and to attract new business as well as sponsorship for the charity’s programmes.

On these pages we’ll talk you through some of the things we did to help them achieve this goal.

CR reporting cover


TIDY NI are an environmental charity run on a sound business footing. They also don’t mind getting their hands dirty. So if any litter needs picking then everyone mucks in – including the Chief Executive, Dr. Ian Humphreys.

We thought photography of key personnel would look great with a few extra ‘props’.

ians portrait


TIDY NI do so many things in so many different areas that their offer needed to be presented clearly.

They need to attract business as well as sponsorship, so potential clients or sponsors need to know exactly what they do and why it would benefit them to get involved.

CR pages opening spread


It is important to face up to the real issues and tell it like it is. A successful Corporate Responsibility report is all about transparency and clarity.

It costs a staggering £34 million a year to clear up the rubbish and litter that is left on the roads, footpaths, scenic places and coastline of Northern Ireland.

And as that includes litter such as cigarette ends and dog poo – why not show them?

TIDY NI 38 million


It is also important to be clear about your targets and objectives. So if you have Key Performance Indicators then make them clear.

Then everyone knows what your targets are, how you are performing, and ultimately whether you are achieving your goals or not.

We like design information graphics that are unique to the company we are working for. It’s all part of building the brand and creating a stronger message.

CR rporting info-graphics


Great pictures make all the difference to the quality of a report. They need to be planned through the preceding year.

Celebrate what you are achieving by commissioning creative photography that will bring the case studies and the stories to life. •


Straid Young Farmers take to the streets as part of the BIG Spring Clean. Photograph courtesy TIDY NI

big spring clean